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National Archives of Korea

President's message
Records are a window of wisdom into the future!

Welcome to the website of the National Archives of Korea,
the depository of priceless historical records of the country.

"History is a constant conversation between the past and future." This means that we obtain wisdom from the past, and this is possible because we have records. In this respect, records are like a window, that helps us to foresee and shape the future.

The National Archives of Korea is a central institution that is exclusively dedicated to record management. In order to preserve and pass down records, which are our invaluable assets for the future, to future generations, the National Archives is in charge of record management policies, and collects and preserves major national records.

The ultimate purpose of records management is to put records to good use. Thus, to enable the general public to use records easily and conveniently, the National Archives of Korea provides not only record browsing service but also various recording culture services such as content development and exhibitions, among others. Moreover, as a country with a record culture of owning 13 items of UNESCO Memory of the World Register, including Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, we are constantly doing our best to share our advanced experiences and technologies with the international society.
2016 ICA Congress Seoul Korea, recorders around the world lauded our tradition of excellent recording culture and advanced records management and asked us to lead records management in the digital era. Therefore, the National Archives of Korea is trying its best to spur a recording culture renaissance to revive the glory of the past and suggest a leading model of records management in the digital era.

The National Archives of Korea will join in efforts to record our "life and times" and transmit these records to our future generations.

Thank you!

Lee, So-Yeon

Head of the National Archives of Korea Lee, So-Yeon